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Bill Tsays...

I was skeptical about "no return"....but after 17 years, or so of sagging headlamp doors and no telling how much spent at Ames, I took the leap on Dickster's product!!

Boy, am I glad I did!! Other than a hiccup with the dimmer connection, install was straight forward

and what a quality product! Would definitely recommend to any and all GM vacuum headlight owners. You will be very pleased.

Dickster, you are definitely a real "smarty pants"!! Thanks, Bill

David Farkvamsays...

Thank for your help and advice, It was invaluable


Got tired of my headlights loosing vacuum over the course of a few hours and flipping up to open position. Let's be honest, these cars look completely different and hideous when the headlight doors are open. Found Dickster sparty pants. The rest is history. Open and close at the pull of the light switch. Rather the car is running or been shut off for months. I believe I'm around the 6 month mark and these have been abused. Through mud, hug water puddles, and gravel roads. They just keep doing what they're supposed to do. Great investment.


Can’t say enough about how pleased I am with this product. No more issues with my covers not closing or dealing with one closed and the other open. Instructions were easy to follow with the job taking about 3 hours. Shipping was also a pleasant surprise, got this to my home in two days.

Brett L(Minnesota)says...

Works great thanks Dick! The motor worked great and was a breeze to install. Was the last piece I needed to complete my restoration.

Brett L (65 Riviera)

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