Vacuum-To-Electric Headlight Conversion Kits

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Les M(Indiana)says...

finally my headlamps work correctly and close at the same time (they haven't ever done that) so easy to install my 12 year old could have done it wished I had done it alone time ago thank you dickster

Ag H(Indiana)says...

I have installed your hideaway system on my GTO clone and it works great. It is proof that your kit will work on clones.

Thanks again, great product!!

Mark M(Missouri)says...

In the 16+ years I have owned my '68 GTO the vacuum-actuated hideaway headlights worked for a grand total of 10 weeks and only after several replacements of seals, actuators, hoses and valves. Now the doors operate perfectly and at the speed of the vacuum pots -- afeter a few installation hours and at about half the cost of competing electric systems. BRAVO!

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